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Person who insists on committing, the same sins again and again.

Person who insists on committing, the same sins again and again.
In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
Peace and blessings on Prophet, his family, his companions and all the righteous believers.

Some people insist on committing the same sins over and over again.
As a result, repugnance of sins is slowly withdrawn from their heart to the point that they commit these sins openly as described in this Hadith:
"All of my followers will be forgiven except those who commit sins openly.
Such is the case of a man commits a sin at night and Allah had his sin concealed till the morning comes.
But, he says openly: 'O so and so, I did such and such yesterday.' Allah had covered his sin, but he uncovered the veil of Allah from it." (Bukhari).
The person reaches a stage where he feels that his heart has turned into a solid rock that is not affected by anything. Allah says:
"And yet, after this, your hearts hardened and became like rocks, or even harder." (Al-Baqarah, 2:74).

In this materialistic and ego centric world our thoughts and wishes are getting confined to this world only.
 Sometimes over attachment with this world puts a veil on our eyes and we forget the reality of this world.
We get very sad on small things. A small loss makes us so sad that we forget all the blessings of Allah on us in this world.
We get so much attached with this world that we forget the next one.
We are so attached with the small problems of life that we forget that we are going to face ALLAH one day.
He feels anguish when something of this life, like wealth, honor, status, etc, is taken away from him.
 He feels as if he has been injured badly because he did not get what others did.
 His feeling of injury becomes stronger and he feels rejected on seeing his Muslim brother get something of this world which did not reach him.
Envy takes root in his heart so he wishes that this bounty be taken away from his brother.
This much attachment: for the world is surely a sign of weak faith. We get so much attached with this world that we forget the next one.
We are so attached with the small problems of life that we forget that we are going to face ALLAH one day.
This is what the Prophet Sallallaahu alayhi WA sallam warned us against:
"Never can Iman and envy come together in the heart of a slave." (Al- Nasa'i).
Belief in materialistic things more than the belief in ALLAH

Everything that happens in this world is by the will of Allah. Nothing is possible if he doesn't will.
There should be firm belief in our mind that if Allah doesn't will we cannot even move our hand.
 Didn't the fire become cool for Hazrat Ibrahim (R.A) when ALLAH wished? Everything is in his hand.
 We have firm belief that Money will help us that is why we try so hard to acquire it but we don't work that hard to make Allah happy.
 Deep within the hearts all of us have more belief in the material things than we have in Allah and we claim our selves to be Muslims.
 A hardened heart is not affected by anything - even seeing people die and attending funerals would not move it.
The person with a hardened heart may even carry a corpse and bury it, yet, he walks in the graveyard as if he were strolling between pine trees!

Such a person remains absent-minded during prayers and while reciting the Qur'an.
He also does not contemplate upon the meaning of the supplications he is making.
As a result, he recites them in a monotonous tone void of any reflections.
He does not think for a moment about the value of these supplications.
He forgets that: "Allah does not accept the supplication from an inattentive, heedless heart."
His acts of worship are reduced to hollow movements with no spirit behind them.
Allah describes the hypocrites: "And they do not remember Allah but little.

Much engagement in these habits hardens the heart as the Prophet said:
 "A people never went astray after being upon guidance except through disputes." (Ahmad).
So, argumentation without proof and proper intention takes one away from the Straight Path.
These days, most people argue falsely and without knowledge or guidance.
It is enough for them to leave this bad habit after knowing what the Prophet Sallallaahu alayhi WA sallam said:
 "I guarantee a house in the outskirts of Paradise to the one who gives up arguing even if he were on the right side." (Abu Dawud).

Not loving for your brother/sisters what you love for yourself...
The Holy Prophet said, “None of you is a Mu_min until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself".
Sahih Bukhari
Islam has made all of us brothers. We are a single unit.
If we don't feel this unity and attachment with the Ummah then there is surely some weakness in our Iman.
The Holy Prophet said, “Whole Muslim Ummah is like a single body. When one part of the body is hurt the whole body feels it"

The Prophet Sallallaahu alayhi WA sallam said:
 "Two persons who became friends for the sake of Allah do not separate except because of a sin committed by one of them." (Al-Bukhari).
This is a proof of the evil effects of sins: it breaks the ties of brotherhood.
This alienation that a person finds between himself and his brothers is sometimes the result of a decline in Iman which results from committing sins.
So the love others have for him dwindles.

Thinking bad of others
Quran says
O you who believe! Avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is a sin, and do not spy nor let some of you back bite others.
Surah Hujjat 49:12
A good Muslim puts limit to his thoughts as well. He does not think badly of others.
He is humble and always puts a veil on bad habits of others and advises others in the best possible manner.
A true Muslim Loves all Allah SWT’s his Creations.

A Hadith says: Do not shun each other; do not ignore one another; do not hate one another, and do not envy one another, and are brothers,
O servants of Allah. No Muslim is allowed to shun his brother for more than three days.
Sahih Muslim.

A hard hearted person remains indifferent when he does not perform some good deeds and misses those times of worship that have more reward in them.
His lack of interest to earn rewards is obvious.
Delaying Hajj when he is capable of performing it, missing congregational prayers in the Masjid, and even the Jumu'ah prayer are a few examples of this.
The Prophet Sallallaahu alayhi WA sallam [pbuh] said:
"People will continue to withdraw to rows behind the first one until Allah puts them in a back place in Hell." (Abu Dawud).
Furthermore, he does not feel remorse if he misses obligatory duties and does not try to perform the different Sunnah prayers or invocations that he misses.
He ignores them, convincing himself that they are only Sunnah!

Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate from the truth after you have guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from your grace.
Verily you are the Giver of bounties without measure. (3:8)
Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and the lack of moderation in our doings, and make firm our steps and succor us against those who deny the truth. (3:147)
Our Lord! Behold we have heard a voice calling us unto faith:
"Believe in your Lord" and we have believed.
Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and efface our bad deeds and take our souls in the company of the righteous. (3:193)
May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make our efforts sincere and keep us all on the straight path...........
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