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Why not become a Muslim?

All praises be to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD), the Lord of the Universe.
 May the peace and blessings of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) be upon The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam, His last Messenger?
Why not become a Muslim?
All sins committed before coming to Islam are forgiven.
How does someone become a Muslim?
If anyone has a real desire to be a Muslim and has full conviction
And strong belief that Islam is the true religion of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD), then, all one needs to do is pronounce the “Shahadah”, the testimony of faith, without further delay.
The “Shahadah” is the first and most important of the five pillars of Islam.

With the pronunciation of this testimony, or “Shahadah”, with sincere belief and conviction, one enters the fold of Islam.

Upon entering the fold of Islam purely for the Pleasure of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD), all of one’s previous sins are forgiven,
And one starts a new life of piety and righteousness.
The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam said to a person who had placed the condition upon the Prophet in accepting Islam that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) would forgive his sins:

“Do you not know that accepting Islam destroys all sins which come before it?” (Saheeh Muslim)

To convert to Islam and become a Muslim a person needs to pronounce the below testimony with conviction and understanding its meaning:

I testify “La illah illaa Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah.”
The translation of which is:
“I testify that there is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and that Muhammad is a Messenger (Prophet) of God.”
When someone pronounces the testimony with conviction, then he/she has become a Muslim. 

Simply by saying 'there is no god apart from God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.' By this declaration the believer announces his or her faith in all Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)'s messengers, and the scriptures they brought.
The first part of the testimony consists of the most important truth that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) revealed to mankind: That there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD).
Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) states in the Holy Quran:
“We did not send the Messenger before you without revealing to him: ‘none has the right to be worshipped except I, therefore worship Me.’” (Quran 21:25)

Muslims believe in the One, Unique, Incomparable, and Merciful Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) -
the Sole Creator and Sustainer of the Universe; in the Angels created by Him; in the Prophets through whom His revelations were brought to humankind; in the Day of Judgment and in individual accountability for actions; in God's complete authority over destiny, be it good or bad; and in life after death. Muslims believe that God sent His messengers and prophets to all people and God's final message to humanity, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing up of all that had gone before, was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Archangel Gabriel.
This conveys that all forms of worship, whether it be praying, fasting, invoking, seeking refuge in,
And offering an animal as sacrifice must be directed to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) alone.
Directing any form of worship to other than Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) (whether it be an angel, a messenger,
The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam, Jesus A.S. Musa A.S, a saint, an idol, the sun, the moon, a tree) is seen as a contradiction to the fundamental message of Islam, and it is an unforgivable sin unless it is repented from before one dies.
 All forms of worship must be directed to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) only.
Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) revealed through all His prophets to every people. 
Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness,
And the majority has nothing to do with the extremely grave events that have come to be associated with their faith.
All the prophets sent by Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) brought the same message, i.e. believing in the oneness of Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) And the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam as his last messenger.
We, Muslims, believe in the Bible as the word of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and that it’s not in its exact and right form. 
We believe that Old Testament, Muslims call it Torah, was revealed to Prophet Moses (Musa) and New Testament,
 Muslims call it Injil, was revealed to Prophet Jesus (Isa) peace be upon them. 
Since they were changed by people Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) sent the last testament, that is,
The Holy Quran revealed to the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam and it’s been 1400 years and not even a vowel of the Quran has been changed. 
It’s in its exact and perfect form.
Christianity is closer to Islam than any other religion. 
We don’t believe in Jesus Christ (May peace be upon him) as Son of God but believe in him as a mighty messenger of Allah. 
We believe in his miraculous birth.  There is one chapter in the Quran in the name of the mother of Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) as “Chapter Mary”.
We believe that idolatry started at the time of Prophet Nuh (Noah) (P.B.U.H) when people started making pictures, sketches, and statues of righteous and religious people.  Then they started putting flowers on them and eventually started prostrating and worshipping them.
Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) sent prophets and messengers to guide the humanity and bring them to the right path and this process ended, which was started with the first human being Hazrat Adam (P.B.U.H), with the last prophet of Islam the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam since the Quran and the life of the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam are enough for the humanity till the last hour, i.e., the day of Judgment.

 He (Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) has ordained for you the same religion (Islam) which He ordained for Nuh (Noah) A.S and that which we have inspired in you (O Mohammad S.A.W), and that which we ordained for Ibrahim (Abraham) A.S.,
 Musa (Moses) A.S. and 'Isa (Jesus) A.S., saying you should establish religion (i.e. to do what it orders you to do practically),
And make no divisions in it (religion) (i.e. various sects in religion).
Intolerable for the Mushrikeen (idolaters, polytheists), is that to which you (O Muhammad S.A.W) call them. 
Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) chooses for Himself whom He wills, and guides unto Himself who turns to Him in repentance and in obedience.”
Surah: Ash-Shura (42) Ayah 13.

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) has said in the Quran:
          “And if you are in doubt about what we have revealed (the Quran) to our worshiper (Muhammad S.A.W), then produce a chapter like it,
           And call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) if you are truthful. 
           And if you do not do it, and you can never do it, then fear the Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones. 
           It has been prepared for disbelievers.  And give good news (O Muhammad S.A.W) to those who believe
           And do good deeds that for them are gardens (Paradise) in which rivers flow…” (Quran 2:23-25)
           Ever since the Quran was revealed, fourteen centuries ago,
           No one has been able to produce a single chapter like the chapters of the Quran in their beauty, Eloquence, splendor, wise legislation, true information, true prophecy, and other perfect attributes. 
           Also, note that the smallest chapter in the Quran (Chapter 108) is only ten words,
          Yet no one has been able to meet his challenge, then or today. 
         Some of the disbelieving Arabs who were enemies of the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam tried to meet his challenge to prove that Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam) was not a true prophet, but they failed to do so. 
This failure was despite the fact that the Quran was revealed in their own language and dialect and that the Arabs at the time of Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam were a very eloquent people who used to compose beautiful and excellent poetry, still read and appreciated today.

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) says:
"This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favour upon you,
And have chosen for you Islam as your religion" [Quran 5:3)

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) gave this favour to the whole of humanity.
Therefore any one can become a Muslim no matter what his/her race, language or colour is.
 No matter whether they are single, married, divorced or a child.

All sins committed before coming to Islam are forgiven. No matter how bad they were.
They are forgiven. One who converts to Islam is totally reborn and starts with a clean record.

Superiority of a person who embraces Islam Sincerely:-
Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (RA): Allah’s the Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam) said;
“If a person embraces Islam sincerely, then Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall forgive all his past sins,
And after that starts the settlement of accounts, the reward of his good deeds will be ten times to seven hundred times for each good deed
And evil deed will be recorded as it is unless Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) forgives it”
(Bukhari 1:40)

"And if all the trees on earth were pens and the Ocean (were ink), with seven Oceans behind it
To add to its (supply), yet would not the Words of Allah be exhausted (In the writing)?
For Allah Is Exalted in power, Full of Wisdom."
[Al-Qur’an 31:27]

Allah (Subhana Ta’aala) Ordains
You have your desire and I have my desire.
My desire shall reign. But if you surrender yourself into my desire I shall bestow you also your desire.
And if you oppose my desire then I shall tire you of fulfilling your desire and ultimately what is to happen will be of my desire.
(Hadith e Qudsi)

 The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam said: - Almighty Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) says:
“I am with my slaves when he thinks of me and I am with him when he mentions me.
For if he mentions me to himself, I have mentioned him to myself; and if he mentions
Me in a gathering, I have mentioned him in a superior gathering. If he approaches me
By a hand’s width, I approach him by an arm’s length, and if he approaches me by an arm’s length, I approaches
Him by a mile’s length, and if he comes to me walking, I hasten to him swiftly’                       
(Al Bukhari 8/171 - Muslim 4/2061)

The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam -The last and final Messenger of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) Almighty

 "We have not sent thee but as a universal (Messenger) to men, giving them glad tidings and warning them (against sin), but most men understand not."
(Al-Qur'an 34:28)

"It is He who hath sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth (Islam), to proclaim it over all religion, Even though the Pagans may detest (it)".
Al -Qur'an 61: 9

The Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alayhi WA Sallam is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and the last and seal of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things.

(Al Qur'an 33:40)

'Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. He gets reward for that (good), which he has earned,
And he is punished for that (evil), which he has earned." Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, our Lord!
Lay not on us a burden like that which you did lay on those before us, our Lord! Put not us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Protector and give us victory over the disbelieving people'.             
(Quran - 02:286).

" Glory to "Allah" Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who hearth and seeth (all things)."  Qur'an 17:1  

Some claim that you are like any one of us,
But who can claim, to have visited the A’rsh?
 We say bashr, but respect is also due.
For mankind are like rocks, but a pearl are you.
You traveled the seven Heavens, and your eyes did not lie.
For Jibril A.S, could not pass, but You, O Madani, glided by.

If we know that the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said:,
  “By The One in Whose Hand the soul of Muhammad is, no one from the Jews or Christians hears about me,
   Then dies while not believing in what I was sent with, but he will be of the people of Hell” (Muslim).
May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make our efforts sincere and keep us all on the straight path...........

Feel free to Share the information here with everyone you know,
And earn Sawab-e-Jariya...May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make it a source of Sawab-e-Jariya for u and me .Ameen

 P.S.: "Have fun praying don’t forget to make dua for me.

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Salviano Adão said...

MUITO BOM! Eu acredito que Deus criou o homem e deixou o manual de instrução, a “BÍBLIA SAGRADA!” A bíblia é a divina revelação da palavra de Deus e não produtos enlatados, eu costumo dizer que: “As pessoas precisam parar de comer tudo o que dão. E começar a questionar! ” Alguém escuta alguma coisa de alguém, e saem falando, sem questionar, sem saber se é verdade ou não. As pessoas precisam se perguntar! Será que a minha crença esta de acordo com a lei de Deus? Será que a religião que eu nasci sempre me falou a verdade? Quando uma pessoa morre pra onde ela vai? Ela volta? A bíblia apóia o homossexualismo? Quem não herdara o reino de Deus? O que devo saber sobre idolatria, imagens e escultura? O que devo saber sobre o único batismo? Será que tem uma seqüência para salvação? A quem eu devo me confessar, quem pode me perdoar? Religião salva alguém? Essas e outras perguntas e respostas em:
Você pode dizer, eu já sou salvo amém! Vamos atrás de quem não esta, “Se você quer se dar bem com o mundo seja hipócrita, mas se você quer se dar bem com Deu seja verdadeiro!” divulgue este site, porque: “Eis que vêm dias, diz o Senhor Jeová, em que enviarei fome sobre a terra, não fome de pão, nem sede de água, mas de ouvir as palavras do Senhor. E irão vagabundos de um mar até outro mar, e do norte até ao oriente; correrão por toda parte, buscando a palavra do Senhor, e não a acharão." ( Amós cap 8 ver 11 e 12 )Fale para outras pessoas, por que “O Senhor não retarda a sua promessa, ainda que alguns têm por tardia: mas é longânimo para convosco, não querendo que alguns se percam, senão que todos venham a arrepender-se.” (II Pedro cap. 3 ver 8) e “Que quer que todos os homens se salvem, e venham ao conhecimento da verdade. Porque há um só Deus, e um só Mediador entre Deus e os homens, Jesus Cristo o homem. (I A Timóteo cap 2 ver 5 e 6)
Seja sua bíblia, católica ou evangélica, aqui você vai tirar suas duvidas.
E conhecereis a verdade, e a verdade vos libertara (João cap 8 ver 32) Se você tiver coragem de perguntar, a bíblia terá coragem de responder!