Friday, 26 June 2009

Nafl prayers


How many Nafl prayers are there and which are those ones?
A. "Nafl" (supererogatory) prayers are numerous which one can offer, as many as he likes, any time except for odious timings. Some of them, as examplified by the Holy Prophet and "Aaimah" (Muslim leaders) are: "Tahi-yatul Masjid" (prayer for the dignity of mosque), "Tahi-yatul Wudu" (prayer for the dignity of ablution), Salaatul Ishraaq, Salaatud Duha (Chasht), prayer for journey, prayer on return from journey, Salaatut Tahajjud, Salaatut Tasbih, Salaatul Haajat (prayer for fulfillment of needs), Salaatul Awwaabeen, Salaatul Ghousiyah, Salaatut Tauba (prayer of repentance), "Salaat Hifzul Eimaan" (prayer for protection of Islamic faith) etc.
How many "Rakahs" are there in Tahi-yatul Masjid?
A. The one who enters the mosque for preaching or remembrance of Allah should offer two Rakahs of Tahi-yatul Masjid which is Sunnah, provided it is not odious time and if he enters the mosque with the intention to join congregation (Jama'at) or to offer obligatory prayer or he offers any prayer (Fard or Sunnat) immediately after entering the mosque then Tahi-yatul Masjid will be deemed to have been offered by him even though he did not intend to. And in case time is there i.e. he has to wait for the intended prayer then he should offer it.
Which prayer is Tahi-yatul Wudu?
A. It is commendable to offer two Rakahs of Tahi-yatul Wudu before the washed parts of the body dry up after performance of ablution. The excellence of this prayer is proved by Hadees. However, offering obligatory prayer soon after ablution or bath will serve as its substitute. Offering two Rakahs prayer after "Ghusl" (bath) is also a commendable act.

When and how many Rakahs of Salaatul Ishraaq are offered?
A. Ishraaq time begins when the sun is high in the morning after twenty minutes of sun-rise. Offering two or four Rakahs prayer this time is highly rewarding. A Hadees says that the one who sits and busies himself in remembrance of Allah after finishing Fajr prayer in Jama'at till he offers two Rakahs prayer after sunrise will earn reward of Hajj and Umrah.

How many Rakahs are there in Salaatut Duha (Chasht) and which time it is offered?
A. Chasht prayer comprises at least two Rakahs and at the most twelve. Its time begins after sunrise and ends at meridian. It is better to offer Salaatul Duha (Chasht) when one-fourth of the day comes off. A Hadees says that (minor) sins of the one who is very particular about i.e. does not miss Chasht prayer will be forgiven him even if they are equal to the foam of a sea.

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