Saturday, 27 June 2009

Live Together

Asalaam Alaikum wr wb Thought i will put some thing down:
Even as the fingers of the hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another no one has any right, nor any preference to claim over another you are brothers Mohamed s.a.w

Whom so ever much is given , of him shall be much required .Jesus

What are they telling us ? To live together we must come to some understanding and to do that we must understand that god allmighty created all, and what is gods , only belongs to god be it a human or animels , or whatever you want to think of .Work on this for now , it gets better.allah swt says that you should adopt humility so that no one oppresses another(yay right u say)
are you as a human kind and fare to one another(if you can say that we are all that) than we are heading in the right direction but my friend we do not obey,and for that we are paying a price.
lets not judge each other and fault each other every one of us is a SINNER the best are those who improve them self and ask for forgiveness and my friend to do that we have to obey the creator the creator said he will not be mercifull to those who are not mercifull to people. are you showing mercy to the creators created, my friend we are all in big trouble those little inocent children that we will live behind without teaching them right or wrong(i cry for them).will suffer becuase of our doingI pray to Allah swt to make it easy for these children.(amen)
sweat on this for now. May Allah swt shower his blessing on all. DO you want your children to suffer,?look at the history and you "ll see that all so called great people are dead more.only god is there, was there, and will be there for ever. for me islam means peace,cleaness of the body and soul.let us clean our soul first and then talk big , without islam those little children of tomorrow will suffer(i hear some say why worry it"s there problem) IS IT?
think about those children hope you can sleep because i cant

I live you in the care of Allah swt

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