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Eid is a time of happiness and joyous spiritual renewal. It's a time for pious activities such as charitable giving and peace-making. Eid, which means festivity, is complete when everybody smiles. Spreading our joy and happiness is the surest way for us to complete this festivity.

Yet many among us will have little occasion to smile this Eid. Many among us will spend their Eid alone, unable to share in the happiness of Eid. From little children in orphanages to senior citizens in old homes, countless people in institutions spend a time of happiness isolated from the celebrations rampant in the rest of the country .Eid Al Fitr is also a time of forgiveness and making amends so it is famous for its sweet character: sweet food and sweet talk.
This day is the opportunity to make amends and set aside arguments and conflicts of recent times. People hug each other and forgive each other any mistakes of the past year and wish each other salvation and blessing.
 EID the day of Charity: Eid doesn’t just stand for an extravaganza it also involves charity and kindness for the poor and the needy. We believed that Eid is the best occasion to give charity and Muslims are recommended to assist the poor in bettering his life by whatever means possible.
It was the day of celebration and a day of rejoicing. There was an air of festivity in the streets of Madinah. All the people, both young and old were dressed in their best clothes, especially for this special day of Ramadan Eid. As it was time for early morning Ramadan Eid prayers everyone made their way to an open piece of land on the outskirts of the city of Madinah.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) arrived and led the prayers.

After they had finished they all greeted each other and everyone was walking back home.

The children were running and playing in excitement, smiling and laughing, without a care in the world. As The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)walked back home, he suddenly became aware of a little boy (Zuhair Bin Saghir) sitting by himself on the side of the path.

The little boy was crying and looked very sad. The
Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) bent down and patted him on the shoulders and asked 'why are you crying?' 'Please leave me alone' sobbed the little boy. The boy didn't even see who was talking to him. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) ran his fingers through the boy's hair and very gently and kindly asked him again why he was crying.

This time the boy said, 'My father was martyred fighting, and now my mother has married again and my stepfather does not want me to live at home any more. Today is Eid and everyone is happy. All the children have new clothes and nice things to eat, but I don't have any clothes except what I am wearing. I have no food and I don't even have a place to live.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said to him, 'I know how you feel, I lost both my mother and father when I was a little boy.' The boy was surprised to hear that it was an orphan who was comforting him, and when he looked up to his great surprise it was the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), and he immediately jumped up to his feet out of love and respect.The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said to him 'If I were to become your new father and my wife you new mother, and my daughter your new sister, would that make you feel better?' 'Oh yes, that would be the best thing in the world!'

The boy started smiling.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) took him home and gave him new clothes and good food on this beautiful day of Ramadan Eid. The boy indeed had a wonderful Ramadan Eid that day.

We should think of others that are less fortunate than ourselves on this beautiful day of Ramadan Eid. Not everyone has such a wonderful day. It is a day of celebration, but takes a moment to stop and think of those who are less fortunate than ourselves by following the Sunnah of our
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam).
So If you are interested & spread this Massage of
"KINDNESS" Participate It. Give Happiness to poor Children in shape of EIDI, Clothes, Gifts. & anything you can this EID.
A thing to keep in mind is that while preparing for Eid One doesn’t forget those who cannot afford to buy a new dress, may be you can add color of happiness to anyone’s Eid. If you cannot afford to do much for someone you can at least buy sweets and small gifts for poor kids as eidi
also remember poor and week people of Muslim society on Eid day search around your town
and must help those in the form of Fitr and Zakat, so they can also celebrate Eid with happiness.
I am so amazed with how fast the days flew by. It was just like yesterday we were counting days
and now we are bidding goodbye to this holy month as ordained by the Lord and Master of the universe.
Of all the changes in our life, this seeming shrinkage in time and in hours is often unnerving but only
 for those who care to think about it.
Signs of end time, I’m told, a reason for more devotions, I believe, as our days hasten to end.
As we conclude this year’s fasting and bid farewell to the holy month,
we should all remember the lessons learnt and strive to be steadfast in all the good things
we got accustomed to in the month.
I join the millions of the Muslim faithful in praying to almighty Allah to accept our worship
and free us from hell-fire and spare our lives to witness many more Ramadans.
      Those POOR CHILDREN who can't celebrate EID And can’t have fun on the occasion of
GREAT EID...Because they don’t have much Money or HEALTH!
All MY DUA'S and BEST WISHES are for THEM...
Either they read or don’t read,
Either they get this massage or not,
I Pray to Great Allah SWT.... that
To their family and their friends,
And to everyone…
If I said anything correct, then it is from Allah (Subhanahu WA Ta’aala),
      And if I erred, then that is from me and Shaitan.
May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make us from the Companions of His Book and unite us with His righteous slaves in the highest gardens of Paradise. Amen.
May Allah Subhanahu wata`aalaa grant us what is best in this world and the next!
Action speaks louder then words my friend’s practice Islam the way of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) did.
 May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) help us to do that which He loves and which pleases Him?
May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make our efforts sincere and keep us all on the straight path...........
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         P.S.: "Have fun praying don’t forget to make Dua for me.

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