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Suffering has purpose in Islam

O Allah, send peace and blessings upon our The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), his companions,

    Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Alamin was-Salaatul was-Salamu 'alaa Asra fil Anbiyaa wal Mursaleen.

    “There is no helper but Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD),
     No guide but (Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) messenger of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD), no provision but Taqwa and no work but to have fortitude in these things”

Suffering has purpose in Islam; it tests our faith and corrects our unbelief.
Mohammed (pbuh) said: that for a Muslim the world would be like a jail but for Kafir it would be like a heaven.
 One who suffers a lot in earth, that haven’t changed his iman, would enter 'Jannah' easily.
All the sufferings and pains in this world is nothing when compared to the next life.
Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) will test every human being with good health, richness, royalty, deadly diseases, poverty, etc.
Keep it in mind this world is only the Examination hall. You have to prepare well in order to pass the examination.
Failing which may result in an 'Ahzab' which will be endless.

People who don’t believe: a non-believer who can enjoy only this life. They think that their money and everything is enough to make them happy.
They don’t know the truth. We are not like others. Don’t worry brother; the holy light from Allah is near you.
The problem is you can't see it. Live the life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam
Suffering tests belief; a true Muslim will remain faithful through the trials of life. 
But suffering also reveals the hidden self to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD). 
Suffering is built into the fabric of existence so that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) may see who is truly righteous. 
In other words, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) not only allows the various agonies and struggles of life, but has a purpose for them. 
Suffering opens up the soul and reveals it to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD). 
Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) uses suffering to look within humans and test their characters, and correct the unbelievers.

Suffering is also a painful result of sin.  In Islam, sin is associated with unbelief.
 Muslims surrender to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)’s will, and find peace in that surrender. 
Sometimes people forget to listen to the prophets, and fail to serve Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) in all that they do.

"The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said, 'Prayers will be neglected, carnal desires will be pursued, transgressors will become leaders,
It will not be possible to distinguish the faithful from the false, telling lies will become desirable,
Payment of Zakat will be taken as a burden, the believer will be deemed the most disgraceful and he will be pained at seeing evils all around
And his heart will melt as salt in water but he will not be able to say anything. Rain will do no good; it will fall out of season.
Males will commit adultery with males, and females with females. Women will dominate.
The offspring will disobey their parents, friend will treat his friend badly, and sins will be taken lightly.
Mosques will have external decorations and beauty and there will be worshippers too but there will be hypocrisy and mutual enmity in their hearts.
 Then will appear a people from the West who will dominate the weak among my people.
People will produce copies of the Holy Quran in letters of gold but will not act upon it.
The Quran will be recited in a melodious way.
Usury will become rampant.
Human blood will have no value, religion will have no helpers.
Singing women will be on the increase.
The rich will perform the Hajj as a pastime; the people of the middle class will do so to conduct business and the poor to beg for charity."

Final two verses from Surah Baqarah and learn from it duas:
The messenger believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him from his Lord and (so do) believers.
Each one believeth in Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers -
We make no distinction between any of His messengers - and they say:
We hear, and we obey. (Grant us) Thy forgiveness our Lord. Unto Thee is the journeying. (285) Allah tasketh not a soul beyond its scope.
For it (is only) that which it hath earned, and against it (only) that which it hath deserved.
 Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget, or miss the mark! Our Lord! Lay not on us such a burden as thou didst lay on those before us!
Our Lord! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear! Pardon us, absolve us and have mercy on us,
Thou, our Protector, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. (286)

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) doesn’t grant a hardship on a person which he can't bear!!! So what’s happening with you is just bearable for you while it’s not for few. Got what it means!! So recite this verse when you feel bad about a problem in your life .When Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) becomes His servant’s Helper. Muslim, Book 35, Kitab Zikr Hadith # 6518
 Muslim: Book 35: Hadith 6518
        Abu Huraira Radiyallaahu anhu reported Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)’s Messenger the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam as saying:
        He who alleviates the suffering of a brother out of the sufferings of the world, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) would alleviate his suffering from the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection,
        And he who finds relief for one who is hard pressed, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) would make things easy for him in the Hereafter,
        And he who conceals (the faults) of a Muslim, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) would conceal his faults in the world and in the Hereafter.
        Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) is at the back of a servant so long as the servant is at the back of his brother,
        And he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) would make that path easy, leading to Paradise for him
        And those persons who assemble in the house among the houses of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) (mosques)
        And recite the Book of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and they learn and teach the Qur'an (among them) there would descend upon them the tranquility
        And mercy would cover them and the angels would surround them and Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) makes a mention of them in the presence of those near Him,
        And he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds, his (high) descent does not make him go ahead
 Lessons learned from Hadith
        Rights of Muslims:
        1- To remove a Muslim’s suffering
        2- To be lenient with poor and needy
        3-To cover someone’s faults
Superiority of seeking knowledge: Allah, the Exalted, says:

"And say: `My Rubb! Increase me in knowledge.'' (20:114)

"Are those who know equal to those who know not?''' (39:9)

"Allah will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge.'' (58:11)

"It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah.'' (35:28)
Ibn Mas’ud (Radiyallaahu anhu) reported:  The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said,
"Envy is permitted only in two cases: A man whom Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)  gives wealth, and he disposes of it rightfully, and a man to whom Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) gives knowledge which he applies and teaches it.''
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

It stresses the importance of acquiring knowledge of the Qur'an and Hadith and imparting it to others.
No matter whether one has more or less knowledge, he must communicate it to others.
There is no justification to presume that preaching or inviting to the Message of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) is the duty of religious scholars and those who are well-versed in this sphere.
In fact, it is a duty upon every Muslim, so much so that if a person knows even a single Verse of the Qur'an, that is to say if he knows only one injunction of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) , he is duty bound to communicate it to other people.
      Sincere actions are ultimately valued:

Yaqoob al-Makfoof: The sincere person is the one who hides his good deeds just like he hides his evil deeds.

It was said to Sahl: What is the hardest thing upon the soul? He said: Ikhlas, when there is no other desire in it.

As-Souse said: What Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) intends/wants from the actions of the creations is Ikhlas and nothing else.

Abu Uthman said: It is forgetting the sight of the creation by continual observance of the Creator

Ibrahim bin Adam said: He has not been truthful to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) who loved fame (and recognition).

Sahl ibn Abdullah said: There is nothing tougher/harder upon the soul than Ikhlas.
How many times have I tried to extinguish riya from my heart and it is as if it has appeared in a different colour (i.e. a different form).
This Ikhlas has been commanded by Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and He has made it binding upon the whole of mankind.
He said:
         And they were not commanded except that they should worship Allah and worship none but Him, offer prayers perfectly and give Zakat and that is the correct religion.
        Say: Verily I have been commanded to worship Allah making the deen exclusively and sincerely for Him (alone).
And also:
        He is al-Hayyu (Ever-Living) there is none worthy of worship except He, therefore call upon Him being making the deen exclusively and sincerely for Him (alone)
         Ikhlas is that ones speech/action/emotions/feelings are free from all impurities and desires of the soul.
 Such impurities and blemishes could be i.e.:
        Desiring praise - 'he is a scholar', 'he is a doer of good', 'he is a skilled reciters',
       'he is brave' and other such things. Attracting attention to one to achieve one's goals and objectives fulfillments of ones personal needs running away from rebuke and criticism showing off seeking worldly gains
    Remove your brother’s suffering Physical- like hunger, sickness, no place to live, no education, no freedom, physical or mental abuse etc.
        Spiritual- like going astray, suffering with anxiety and depression
        Monetary- like burden of excessive loan, unemployment
        Ethical- threat to honor and integrity
 Leniency with poor and needy:
          Food and the needy
Have you seen him who belies the rewards and punishments of the Hereafter? He it is who drives away the orphan and does not urge giving away the food of the poor. (107:1 - 3)

Give to the near of kin his due, and also to the needy and the wayfarers. Do not squander your wealth wastefully; for those who squander wastefully are Satan's brothers, and Satan is ever ungrateful to his Lord. (17:26 - 27)
          Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)
          And do not follow up their spending by stressing their benevolence and causing hurt, will find their reward secure with their Lord.
           They have no cause for fear and grief.
           To speak a kind word and to forgive people's faults is better than charity followed by hurt. Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) is All-Sufficient, All-Forbearing
           Believers! Do not nullify your acts of charity by stressing your benevolence and causing hurt as does he who spends his wealth only to be seen by men and does          not believe in Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) and the Last Day.
           The example of his spending is that of a rock with a thin coating of earth upon it: when a heavy rain smites it, the earth is washed away, leaving the rock bare; such people derive no gain from their acts of charity.
           Allah does not set the deniers of the Truth on the right way. (2:262 - 264)
        If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time Till it is easy for him to repay.
         But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew.
         And fear the Day when ye shall be brought back to Allah. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly.
        Al-Qur'an, 002.280-281 (Al-Baqara)
        Whosoever wishes that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) may save him from the hardships of the Day of Judgment, then he should give time to the indebted one or forgive him.
        A trader used to give loans. When he saw that the indebted could not pay the loan, he used to tell his employees to forgive him.
       He hoped that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall forgive him. Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) forgave him.
        Abu Yasar (Radiyallaahu anhu) reported that The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whosoever wishes to find a place in the shade of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) on the Day of Judgment, he should give time to the poor indebted or forgive him.
    To cover a Muslim brother’s shortcomings
Uqbah bin Amir Radiyallaahu anhu reported that The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whoever sees a fault in his Muslim brother/ sister and he keeps it hidden he is like one who saved a live of a buried girl.”
Abu Sa’eed Khudri Radiyallaahu anhu reported that the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whoever gives dress to a Muslim brother/sister when he was uncovered, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall grant him dress from Jannah.”
Umar Radiyallaahu anhu reported: that The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam was asked that what the best action is. He replied,
     ” To bring happiness to your Muslim brother brings great reward. If he is hungry then feed him.
      If he does not have dress, then clothe him. If he is needy then fulfill his need.”
    Individual who deserves the Help of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD)
        Islam has not differentiated in the service of mankind between Muslims and non Muslims.
        As long as a Muslim is helping others in providing them food, clothes, shelters and shows leniency to the indebted ones, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall Help such servant.
Seeking Knowledge
        Whoever travels to seek knowledge, he is in the path of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) till he returns.
        Whoever seeks knowledge, it becomes expiation (Kaffarah) for his previous sins.
        Whoever travels a way to seek knowledge, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall make his way to Jannah easy. Angels spread their wings for him.
        All the creatures of heavens and earth make dua Maghfirah for him. Alim has superiority over worshiper like the moon is over the stars.
        Alims are the heirs of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam. They do not leave money, rather they leave knowledge. Whoever gets part of this knowledge, he gets great portion. (Ibn Majah)
        Whoever achieves Ilm (which is done to seek pleasure of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) to achieve material benefits, he will not find the perfume of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) (Abu Dawood)
        Whoever achieves knowledge to debate with fools or boast amongst scholars or attract people’s attention towards him, then his place is in hellfire. (Ibn Majah)

        If someone is asked about something (and he knows it) but he hides it, then Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) shall put the rope of fire in his mouth.” (Abu Dawood)
        The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam always made this dua,” O Allah! Make my Ilm profitable for me, give me knowledge which is profitable and add in my knowledge.” (Tirmidhi)
        “O Allah! I seek your refuge from useless knowledge.” (Muslim)
    Rewards for collective study
        There would descend upon them the tranquility and mercy would cover them and the angels would surround them.
        Allah makes a mention of them in the presence of those near Him.
         Do not despair if it appears your du’aa is not answered.
Continue to have faith and patience and be content with what Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) has written for you.
Remember that this world is a place of testing and the real goal in Jannah.
May Allah grant you the highest station of Jannah al-Firdous, Ameen?

May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) help us to do that which He loves and which pleases Him?
And Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) knows best.
May Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’aala (GOD) make our efforts sincere and keep us all on the straight path...........
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