Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tell them and show them you love them,(MOM, and DAD),

What is the Best Gift we can give to our Parents? (MOM and DAD),

Don't forget, YOU are because of them. Before you claim your Inheritance, try and check the list of your duties towards them.

Humanity and ethics demand that we safeguard these two jewels (our mother and father) - by exhibiting goodness towards them while they are alive, and by means of charity and goodly remembrance after their death.

Becoming the person and even better than that, what they have expected of you when you were born.
Be a loving and caring son/daughter... when we were young they knew what we need..... Now it’s their time to enjoy life... and we should know what they need and when..!!!
Our physical presence with them' i.e. spend time with them!

Tell them and show them you love them - we don’t have them forever and do ask all the questions now that it is too late to ask when they are gone.
Unconditional! Love care, respect and consideration. Try to adjust to your parents/elders as far as possible, rather than make them adjust to you or your life style.

It is never late.  Try to change yourself first.

Make their old age and retirement very special, happy and peaceful.

We all accept the fact that we love our parents, but at the same time we are so busy in our day to day life that we hardy bother to spend some time with them.
Parents never demand anything from us, they only give, give and give... Now it’s our chance to make them happy.
We should sit side by them and share our thoughts and feelings, we should listen to them what they want to say. We should try to understand their silence; we should try to read their eyes. We should ask them to give suggestions for our problems, instead of saying that..."you'll not understand" or "you can't do anything".....
Let us all try to make them happy, let us set an example for our coming Generations........

Beautiful letter written by a father to his son! This applies to daughters too. Use this in your teachings to your children.

Following is a letter to his son from a renowned Hong Kong TV broadcaster cum Child Psychologist. The words are actually applicable to all of us, young or old, children or parents.

I am writing this to you because of 3 reasons

1. Life, fortune and mishaps are unpredictable; nobody knows how long he lives. Some words are better said early.

2. I am your father, and if I don't tell you these, no one else will.

3. What is written is my own personal bitter experiences that perhaps could save you a lot of unnecessary heartaches.

Remember the following as you go through life

1. Do not bear grudge towards those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well, except your mother and I. To those who are good to you, you have to treasure it and be thankful, and ALSO you have to be cautious, because, everyone has a motive for every move. When a person is good to you, it does not mean he really likes you. You have to be careful, don't hastily regard him as a real friend.

2. No one is indispensable, nothing in the world that you must possess. Once you understand this idea, it would be easier for you to go through life when people around you don't want you anymore, or when you lose what/whom you love most.

3. Life is short. When you waste your life today, tomorrow you would find that life is leaving you. The earlier you treasure your life, the better you enjoy life.

4. Love is but a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with time and with one's mood. If your so called loved one leaves you, be patient, time will wash away your aches and sadness. Don't over exaggerate the beauty and sweetness of love, and don't over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.

5. a lot of successful people did not receive a good education that does not mean that you can be successful by not studying hard! Whatever knowledge you gain is your weapon in life. One can go from rags to riches, but one has to start from some rags!

6. I do not expect you to financially support me when I am old, either would I financially support your whole life. My responsibility as a supporter ends when you are grown up. After that, you decide whether you want to travel in a public transport or in your limousine, whether rich or poor.

7. You honour your words, but don't expect others to be so. You can be good to people, but don't expect people to be good to you. If you don't understand this, you would end up with unnecessary troubles.

8. I have bought lotteries for umpteen years, but I never strike any prize. That shows if you want to be rich, you have to work hard! There is no free lunch!

9. No matter how much time I have with you, let's treasure the time we have together. We do not know if we would meet again in our next life.

At different stages of our lives we can gift them differently by being more than what they expected of us and at every step acknowledging their worth because ultimately our existence in this world is owed to them. Beginning with! obeying them. Keeping them happy, doing well at school, helping in need, sharing ... doing well in life and letting them know that its because of u and your blessings that i m here today ... I love u n i care for u. Lending hand at old age ---------biggest gift for parents.

May Allah make our efforts sincere and keep us all on the straight path...........

Feel free to Share the information here with everyone you know,
And earn Sawab-e-Jariya...May Allah swt make it a source of Sawab-e-Jariya for u and me .Ameen

P.S.: "Have fun praying don’t forget to make dua for me...


Ayuni said...

yes, my mom n my dad is my everything....

Blue Pearl said...

alhumdulillah this is great post and very appropriate topic for the current age. Its strange some years ago, it was almost never heard of for muslims to put their parents in old age homes or not to take care of them but these days its becomming a trend. I hope it will change and its posts like yours that make a difference inshallah.:) May Allah be pleased with you:)

umihoney said...


Thank you for sharing.A very good post indeed. May Allah reward you for your noble effort.Amin.

Jazak Allahu Khairan

Isha Shiri said...

Hello! I read some posts here and all are excellent and instructive. I admire you.

I wish you Peace.